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The services we offer.

Posted by on in Services

Enterprise 2.0 social networks are aimed at medium to large businesses that want to create an internal social network featuring contact information, blogs and wikis, and reporting structured information for all the employees in a company. The enterprise social network is similar to a detailed and customized corporate directory with features like tagging, social bookmarking, and commenting—all being integral components of the network.

The benefits of employing Enterprise 2.0 in an organization

  1. Information access
  2. Instant notification of updates on Intranet Wiki, Blogs, Company's Social Network.
  3. Economic and cost effective solution
  4. Enterprise 2.0 is simpler and less expensive for individuals and businesses alike to share information, communicate with each other, and collaborate on projects. 

Our services related to Enterprise 2.0:

  1. Deployment of Enterprise 2.0 Tools
  2. Configuration of company's specifics on Enterprise 2.0 platform
  3. Support and Management of Enterprise 2.0 Wikis, Blogs, Social Network identities
  4. Content development and deployment required to be hosted on Enterprise 2.0
  5. Training on Entgerprise 2.0

Please do consult us if you are looking to optimize your employee talent through latest technologies like Enterprise 2.0.  Remember that Enterprise 2.0 Tools are cost effective, economical and at times some of the tools are available at free of cost which would need a little tweaking and customization to suit your enterprise context.

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Joomla, an Open Source Content Management System, is the most popular CMS configured and customized for various intranet applications, Internet sites and Integrated Social Media platforms.  Several Internet portals, Global sites, Communites portals, e-Commerce and B2B portals are developed and deployed using Joomla CMS.

Ever since the evolution of Web 2.0 and especially the popular usage of Social Media for Internet and Intranet purposes, Joomla CMS has achieved much significance.  Joomla CMS enables you:

  1. Create most cost effective Internet applications
  2. Create the most comprehensive and integrated web platform addressing several industry sector needs
  3. Create Enterprise 2.0 Application infrastructure on Intranet
  4. Create the most competent and low gestation oriented B2B or B2C applications
  5. Reduces more than 50% of coding for comprehensive application development
  6. Supported by several thousands of plug-ins, components, and modules

Joomla development needs specific expertise on:

  1. Joomla Framework
  2. PHP
  3. MySQL
  4. UI customization
  5. HTML, Java Script, XML, AJAX and related technologies
  6. Photoshop, Dreamweaver

Besides the above, our Joomla Development team consists of Web Content Developers, Project Managers, and Application Design Analysts.

May please consult us for any of your web application development requirements - be it Content Management Centric Websites, Internet Portals, Social Media Platforms or Intranet Applications.

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In face of the growing need to position company's business offerings online and market company's products and services online, it has become inevitable for sales and marketing personnel to be trained on Search Engine Marketing, Online Marketing, Video Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

In fact it is essential that companies should create an exclusive marketing division viz., "Search Engine Marketing Team" or "SEM Team" consisting Sales and Internet savvy team members. 

Online users' aspirations are ever evolving and thus are the modifications to Google search engine or other search engines.  In this context, it is highly imperative that companies train their sales and marketing team through a professional agency.  The training should be one time with periodical updates to the team over a duration of one year service agreement.  This kind of professional services will enable the inhouse team competitively handle online marketing of company's products and services.

A company's sales and marketing team may get trained over a period of 40 hours spread to two weekend sessions.  Besides this the company should get first time marketing processes designed and deployed by a professional agency.

Our services in this context include:

  1. Designing Search Engine Marketing Strategy for your Company
  2. Training for your sales and marketing team on Search Engine Marketing techniques
  3. Training for your sales and marketing team on Social Media Marketing techniques
  4. Training for your sales and marketing team for self-management of GoogleAds
  5. Optional one-time design and deployment of marketing campaign
  6. Setting up of Social Media and Search Engine Marketing team for your Company
  7. SLA based periodical training inputs in line with changing technology trends

Please reach us with your training requirements.  We can impart training in your premises or you may even depute your team to our office.

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Search Engine Marketing is the fastest way of marketing a company's business offerings among online consumers.  Search Engine Marketing is entwined with creating an effective, well targeted, keywords based content about the products or services to be marketed online.

The keywords are derived based on popular search term for the kind of products and services in question.  Keyword positioning tantamounts to service positioning.  The objective of keyword research for the services would be to get the company's service related web pages in the first page of SERPs.  Once the service page appears in the first page of the Google search results, the chances of getting more hits on the page and thus the promotion of company's services among Internet consumers would be practical.

The above process should be supported by good ads which will place the service pages of a company in the first page of Google search results.  The entire process i.e., from keyword research, service page design to Google Ad design would require professional services to get faster ROI.

The services provided by us in this regard would include:

  1. Keyword research for your service or product offerings
  2. Design and development of service or product offering pages
  3. Search Engine Marketing of service or product offering pages
  4. Design and deployment of Google Ads
  5. Monitoring page performance through Google Webmasters Account
  6. ROI monitoring and Analytics Reporting
  7. Repositioning of pages with required changes based on the ROI and Analytics data

Search Engine Marketing is the cost effective form of business promotion.  Every small company to big enterprise can go for Search Engine Marketing to promote their products among chosen consumer geography.  The most important requirement would be consistency in operating the marketing campaign and right positioning of the Search Engine Marketing campaign.

You may please reach us with your requirements and details of products or services you offer and the target geography where you would like to market your products/services.  We can suggest, design, deploy and manage search engine marketing campaigns for your Company.

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Online reputation is a brand identity proudly demonstrated by individuals, businesses and social organizations.  A company's networth is enhanced through possessing and acquiring such reputed digital assets.  Digital assets can be the company's website, the company's blog or even company's social media identities which carry significant base of past, present and prospective customers.

Online reputation is determined through certain metrics like Google PageRank, Search Engine Results, Social Media presence, the size of followers, friends, and likes on social media identities, mentions of company's name on various social media channels by various stakeholders and netizens, and more importantly, the company's capability to leverage such online leads into sales.  These competencies would invariably connote online reputation of an entity in a given context.

The benefits of online reputation are many like:

  1. Increased brand identity
  2. Additional business sources through online customers
  3. Value appreciation of digital assets
  4. Low marketing budget and saving on advertisement costs
  5. Higher ROI on marketing investment
  6. Online reputation increases the offline brand value

The services we offer in the above context:

  1. Due diligence of your existing online presence
  2. Determination of measures required to focus your brand among online consumers
  3. Design, development and maintenance of online brand identities and assets towards positioning your online identity
  4. Strategic marketing of your identity on various online channels
  5. Guaranteed and enhanced reputation of your online presence

Would you like to achieve such a proud online stature?  Do you like to enhance your online reputation rank?  Do you like to infuse increased confidence among your stakeholders about your online presence? May please write to us for design and deployment of processes to achieve online reputation for your brand.

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Social Media is a boon for businesses around the world.  Irrespective of the size and location of a business, its products and services can be marketed to any global audience.  The only exception to this is that the business should have a quality, competitive, scalable and serviceable product or service range to cater to disparate global customers.

How can a local industry promote its product globally?  They need just a small tool kit.  The product sheet as a digital document, a video clip describing its functionality and application, relevant images, a small talk on the USP and similar significances.  What next?  Get your company's page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.  Promote these digital assets. That is it. The industry can attract several relevant customers and generate sales leads.

Incidentally the above process is not as easy to be achieved by a manufacturing industry which primarily comes with a technical background.

If you are one of such entities who is looking to promote your service or product among chosen global customers, please do talk to us for the following services.

  1. Professional design services for your company's page on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.
  2. Content creation and compilation to make the company's Social Media page(s) attractive.
  3. Promotion of company's page(s) among chosen customers.
  4. Reporting of Data Analytics related to company's page performance.
  5. Periodic customizations and positioning of such virtual presence.
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Online Business Promotion majorly is dependent on Social Media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.

Internet is a world of consumers.  The consumer can be a traveler, a businessman, a premium service buyer, a student, a housewife, or a social worker.  Internet has consumers of all types and all classes.  Thus it became indispensable for businesses to create and announce their presence online.

Social Media identity creation through Company page on Facebook, Company's profile on LinkedIn, Company's Brand propagation through Twitter and Company's content dissemination through Google+ and all other channels is a professioal task. 

An organization must appropriately and competitively place their portfolio, achievements, expertise, service offerings and brand assets on Social Media channels to infuse pride and confidence in existing customers, to attract new customers and to create future customers.

Please reach us with your requirements to promote your products and services online, and to duly create a rich and dynamic social media identity.

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As the Internet is growing, the need to generate genuine, professional and honest content is multiplying.  For a wholesome online business presence, an enterprise would invariably need to own an Official Blog, a Discussion Platform for Customer Support, and Content sharing through Social Media identities.  Besides this any enterprise can benefit from Intranet Wikis, Intranet Blog, and Intranet content sharing to reposit and refine employee talent.

As a matter of fact the requirement for content can't be imagined or explained.  It is dynamic and ever evolving. Be it writing for Internet Portals or content for Digital documents distributed through Internet. 

The need again is to promote such content on an everyday basis among target audience. 

Internet content writing is a sheer professional exercise which should comply with Web writing practices, Search engine practices, and target audience requirement.

May please talk to us if you are looking for a professional rendering of your Internet presence through keyword based, optimized business content for your audience and for your reputation.  May we mention here that 'content is king' on Internet. 

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Blogging is an art.  Business blogging is a professional art.  Blogs today are the vehicles of business promotion.  It is imperative for every company, commercial enterprise, irrespective of its age and size, to have its official blog or blogs which should serve as the carrier of transparent information to stakeholders.  Official blogs that host such transparent content increase confidence of stakeholders about the company's context in the market.  Official blogs can host technical content, commercial information, customer support data, company's growth data, employee experiences and every and any thing that can be shared publicly among stakeholders. 

Our services in this context include:

  1. Official Blog Design
  2. Selection of relevant Open Source Content Management System (CMS)
  3. Technical architecture, theme selection, customization, configuration, and deployment.
  4. Business domain specific content writing, content collation, and content hosting
  5. Incorporation of SEO processes to optimize the blog for various search engines
  6. Blog hosting

We extend the above services on one time or on long-term support basis as suggested by you.

Kindly consult us for a genuine and honest services to develop and position your official blog(s).

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